We dream of a safer world for our children but climatic phenomena and various pollutants in the atmosphere make it increasingly difficult to achieve this ideal.

Thinking about covering this need within families, our pharmaceutical group was given the task of continually advancing in the development of innovative, exclusive and specialized products in the care of the skin of our babies and children, in alliance with prestigious Colombian companies and multinationals

Why the skin? Every day we make the mistake of worrying about factors such as food, sports and recreation, without thinking as a family that the skin, the most extensive and versatile organ of the human body, is also the one that is most exposed to external agents. Leaving aside the care of our main barrier and increasing the risk of acquiring dangerous skin cancer and other dermatological diseases.

Digesting this error so common in the community, added to the constant search for the natural and the authentic, led us to design and develop a specialized line in skin care, healthy and prepared skin for aging, selected components that in turn they respect the conservation of the planet, being free of pollutants, this as a small contribution for the conservation of life.

Our passion and commitment has led us to modernize and be at the forefront facing the demanding environmental and public health changes, ensuring a true quality of life in the most vulnerable, children. To do this, each of our processes is supported by a staff of dynamic professionals, with a long history in the pharmaceutical sector, where our specialized product line is born, each ideal and exclusive for each type of skin, which when used causes exquisite sensations, stimulates the senses and hydrates with true intensity.

Our formula combines natural extracts, whose antiseptic, soothing, healing, emollient and anti-inflammatory properties with the right pH guarantee optimal results.

Currently we operate from Colombia and we are entering the Guatemalan market, thinking of providing these same benefits to the children of this beautiful Central American land, which has opened the doors to teach us their culture, give us their kindness and be protagonists of our history as a Company, that watches over children and the skin care of families in general, supported by the premise that if our MEDIDER products are good for your children, imagine what they can do for you.

Thanks Colombia, thanks Guatemala, we do it for your health, that of your children and the preservation of the planet. We are a MEASURER, we are the best option for a lifetime.

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