MediTip’s Baby
If your baby spoke I would say: “Mom, itches and a lot …”
Identifying it is key:
Redness, skin rash and peeling.

Humidity of the area, rubbing the diaper or allergy to the products you are using.

Clean your baby with warm water and neutral soap, the final touch you leave it to us Medider protective cream. creates a protective barrier on the skin providing protection, hydration and balance, thanks to its active ingredients and balanced pH

It is a skin reaction that causes itching, swelling and continuous redness, affects babies from 3 months of age. This anomaly of the cutaneous barrier evolves by outbreaks and its treatment is given with the extreme cleaning of the affected area.

To avoid it use soft and natural soaps as our Medider cleaning line, with a unique formula in the world, which combines natural extracts and vegetable oils. Strengthens and protects the function of the natural barrier of the acid mantle and the bacterial flora resident in the skin.

Being a mother gives us a lot of doubts, especially if we are first-time, which makes for women an unforgettable experience such as washing their newborn head.

A good way is to start selecting the shampoo, it should be soft and the amount should be enough to make a small foam, that does not allow water to fall on the face at the time of removal and do not try to remove the milk scab with your fingers, in instead it gives a gentle massage on the scalp that the nature of the days will do the rest. Our cleaning line includes Medider Soft Shampoo that provides the wash you are looking for with effective hydration, without affecting the balance of the baby’s acid mantle. Its pH 5.5 value and its emollient formula develop the proper functioning of the scalp.

The daily hydration of our baby’s skin sometimes becomes a challenge, to make this practice your time we have a simple task, start by taking into account the temperature of the water, the ideal is that it is about 36 ° c .

Let your child enjoy contact with the water in his tub for about 3 minutes, so he will take confidence and start generating a fun routine. At the time of drying do it with soft touches and finally perform a deep hydration of soft massages with paraben-free products such as our Intensive Milk, whose hydrolipidic balance contributes to good performance on delicate skin and its pH value of 5.5 ideal for the skin It retains its properties, preventing dryness.

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